Instant Gratification

Proverbs 25:4 Remove the dross from the silver, and a silversmith can produce a vessel;

Hungry, I walked over to the metal box and read the simple instruction. Push the button, two minutes later, a pancake rolled out on a conveyor belt. Truly fascinating, no more work, just instant gratification in the world of sweet breakfast. On further inspection of this marvel, I noticed the flat, semi-brown pancake lacked my usual standards. It resembled a Frisbee. In the endeavor to speed the process of production, it lost the full richness of texture and taste.

To make a truly delicious pancake, requires us to crack eggs, whisk ingredients, add a splash of oil to the pan, pour a measure of batter and flip until the edges are golden crisp. It takes time to produce a unique golden, fluffy, mouthwatering pancake. However, it is worth it. The result not only fills your stomach, but produces an enjoyable experience through sight, smell, and taste.

Although I would love instant transformation into God’s image, there is no button to push. We are not meant to sidestep the process. Each experience and relationship builds upon itself forming us. On occasion, we will be burnt around the edges or heated until the dross is removed. A refining method which is painful. Other moments, will be filled with warmth and love, a tender polishing with a soft touch. Our souls refreshed. Sometimes we wait our turn to become a beautiful silver vessel. Filled with empty longing, our desire to move forward is there, but God ask us to be patient.

When asked, God removes impurities and matures us. On occasion, it feels like we are living the same lesson over, but it is God’s way of giving us the opportunity to learn and grow. He never gives up on us, even when we repeat mistakes or cannot admit to ourselves we need to change.

In our desire for instant gratification, we miss the moments to savor. They are all unique to God’s plan for us whether fun and exciting, or challenging and hard. Know God is holding you in the palm of His hand. No one is more precious than you in His sight. He loves and waits patiently for you.

Father, refine my life to reflect You. Create in me a sweet aroma which flows to those around me. Give me strength to follow You into the heat, warmth, and cold where ever You send me. I give my life freely for You to mold into the vessel of Your choice. Trusting in Your promise of life eternal. Amen.


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